“We could have touched the stars. Instead, you brought them to us. We didn't have to seek the heavens when we had you here with us now.”
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Teen Titans Annual #3 (2014)

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DC COMICS MEME: 2/5 female characters » Dinah Lance

"We’re not freaks. We weren’t born different. But we became different the moment we stepped into the hero role. Now we have to live up to it… or die trying."

In the aftermath I consider how closely we had veered towards utter disaster. Without Diana’s sense of sacrifice and Bruce’s unshakable reasoning it might’ve turned out so very different. I am lucky to count them as friends.

A search of the survivors turned up no trace of the renegade Amazon. I may never know who it was that came so close to destroying all that I hold dear. I am comforted to know that I now have two comrades who would do anything to prevent that. Good things come in threes.

He has no doubt that Ra’s al Ghul will someday surface to trouble him again. It has happened before. And so, he continues the fight… for justice. But now for something else as well. A memory. Of sunlight and dewdrops. He has seen paradise.

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Smallville: Season 11 #67 (2013)

Did Damian ever tell you how he stole this from me?

Dick Grayson ;;


there’s something inside you
it’s hard to explain
there’s something inside you, boy
and you’re still the same

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Catwoman #70 by Adam Hughes

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